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Mustang Sally GT 
Our Go To seasoning / rub for almost everything. An all-purpose blend that we use on meats, poultry, pasta, veggies, salads and eggs. It will work on most anything you cook, grill or smoke. 

Mustang Sally S-P-G
Our salt, pepper, garlic blend is a favorite. A bit bolder in flavor with a nice level of garlic. Great on beef, pork, poultry, and will enhance the flavor of pasta, veggies, salads and eggs as well. 

Mustang Sally Sweet and Sassy
Our 'just right' sweet seasoning features granulated honey. For a sweet touch, this is the one! Especially good on chicken, pork, pasta, veggies and salads. 

All seasonings are handmade in small batches using quality ingredients.
Packaged in 3.5 ounce resealable, foil lined pouches. $5.00 / item.
Although these sound like common seasonings available most anywhere, they are not. Our seasonings are handmade in small batches using only high quality ingredients. The flavor profiles were developed in our home kitchen through trial, error, tweaking, more trial and finally landing on the profiles that we love and use daily. We take pride in producing flavorful, versatile, all around good seasonings that we hope you'll love too.
Product Offerings:
Pro Tip: try layering any of the seasonings together. For example, use both S-P-G and Sweet and Sassy on pork tenderloin. It has great flavor and nice caramelization!
Seasoning samples, 
top to bottom: 
Go To, S-P-G, and 
Sweet and Sassy.

Mustang Sally BBQ is a registered Minnesota Cottage Food Producer with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. All items are homemade and not subject to state inspection.
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