THANKS to our 2018 Sponsors!  

Be sure to patronize these fine businesses when you have a chance.

Pitmaster Level

Ralco Nutrition, Inc.  Jon and Brian Knochenmus were our very first sponsor 11 years ago.  A local company with a national presence in the natural livestock feed products area.  Great Mustang Boosters and Title Sponsor for the SMSU Ag Bowl!

Tru_Shrimp  Ralco's newest endeavor. Shrimp farming right here in southwest MN!  Watch for more about this exciting project!

D&G Excavating, Inc.  Brian & Kris Gruhot are also a 11 year sponsor for our team.  If you need excavation work done they should be your first choice! Good friends and fellow Mustang Boosters!

Hy-Vee  Manager and meat manager Tom make it happen with our Hy-Vee Smart Chicken and grocery items.  We are proud to say Hy-Vee is where we purchase our contest items!  You should, too!  9 year sponsors.

Southwest Minnesota State University and Smokefest  We hold the University at least partially responsible for our BBQ addiction.  If they had not started Smokefest in 2007 we may still be grilling in our back yards! 8 year sponsors.  Thanks to Chris H. and Tim S. for their continuing support.

Oakridge BBQ
We are proud to be sponsored by Michael Trump and crew from Oakridge BBQ!  Truly some of the best rubs and brines you'll find anywhere! 4 year sponsors.

Compart Family Farms - Compart Duroc
We are happy to be partnered with Jim and Chris and families for a 3rd year in 2018! The 'Black Angus' of pork and the 'Best Pork on the Planet'! Their pork just wins!!

Cook Level

Birath Wealth Management  
6th year sponsor Tom should be your choice for financial planning.  Good friend, former colleague and Bears fan - but we try not to hold that against him!

​Green Mountain Grills
What a privilege to have the best pellet grill/smoker in the business on our side! Of course there is a bit of bias as Mustang Sally BBQ is a proud dealer for this great grill. Check out the WiFi grills and the new pizza oven attachment!!

Additional Sponsorships are still available.  Please contact us for details!

Our 2018 Sponsor Banner!

- Signage at our cooksite for every contest we enter
- Recognition on our KCBS website team page
- Recognition on our team website
- Display or offer product samples, if permissable, at each contest
- Free BBQ samples when you visit us at contests
-Be our guest at an SMSU football game tailgate.
- Cook for you at a company event.  Please ask.
Mustang Sally LLC has been a proud dealer since 2010 for Green Mountain Grills, the best pellet grill made today.

Grills, pellets and accessories on hand and ready for you!

Contact Brian today!